IV Hydration & Wellness Therapy Hollywood, FL

Why IV Therapy?

We understand that to keep up with our busy lives, we don’t always treat our bodies the best. We may become dehydrated, run-down, fatigued, etc. all of which can show on our complexion, our energy levels, chronic pain, and our fitness goals. At Yunik Aesthetics we are able to provide single session IV therapy to give you a quick “boost” back to wellness. With our Be Well Immunity infusion and Myers’ Cocktail infusions, we can help you get back to feeling and performing at your highest level!

IV Hydration & Wellness Therapy

Be Well Immunity IV Infusion


Yunik Aesthetic’s ‘Be Well Immunity infusion’ delivers a powerful dose of ascorbic acid, Vitamins B1 and B3, and zinc chloride which all work together to boost energy, rehydrate, and reinvigorate. With ascorbic acid to strengthen the immune system and prevent future infections combined with Vitamin B to reenergize and boost metabolism and the zinc chloride to refine and refurbish your immunity- this IV infusion will leave any feelings of malaise behind. This IV infusion is optimal for the days you are feeling foggy, under the weather, or experiencing a low-grade fever. Let our Be Well infusion elevate and prime your system to get back to your busy schedule with the energy and immunity protection to keep you at peak performance.

Myers’ Cocktail IV Infusion


Considered the “Gold Standard” of wellness infusion, the Myers’ Cocktail is a mixture of magnesium, Vitamins B1, B3, and B6, calcium gluconate, and ascorbic acid. The Myers’ Cocktail has proven effective in diminishing a full host of symptoms including chronic pain, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance, and nutritional deficiencies. This supercharged combination of immune and wellness-boosting ingredients is a quick way to normalize your nutritional and hormonal deficiencies allowing your body’s natural processes to resume and eliminate chronic pain and stress. The Myers’ Cocktail has become one of the most popular and utilized IV infusion therapies because of how quickly it works at getting our clients back to feeling their best.

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