Does Platelet Rich Fibrin Really Work To Improve Your Skin?

Platelet Rich Fibrin

New therapies for skin rejuvenation have been popping up left and right. One of the most innovative trends to approach skin rejuvenation right now is Platelet Rich Fibrin. So what is Platelet Rich Fibrin, and does it work to improve your skin? 

Growing old is inevitable, wrinkles start to appear, face start to sag, and our cheeks deflate. We will grow old, and a lot of us are conscious of it. Many grow old faster than others—and that’s frustrating. 

Many of us grew accustomed to watching ourselves in the mirror, wondering if there is a way to remove these signs of aging. There are plenty of ways to rejuvenate the skin, but a lot of them are invasive surgeries. If you are looking for non-invasive surgeries, you might have heard of Platelet Rich Fibrin treatments. 

Here at Yunik Aesthetics, we work to fulfill the skincare needs of our clients. We work to restore youthfulness appearance in your skin, and one of our services is Platelet Rich Fibrin. We want you to understand these procedures so that you can make a more informed decision. 

That said, how could a non-invasive skincare treatment work as well as invasive treatments? Are they effective and worthwhile? Will you benefit them in the long term? 

Before we find out, let’s take a quick look at Platelet Rich Fibrin and how they work.

What is Platelet Rich Fibrin?

Platelet Rich Fibrin, or PRF for short, is a recent innovation derivative procedure based on medical technology involving the separation of blood and platelets. To learn more about PRF, you will also need to take a look at Platelet Rich Plasma. 

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet Rich Fibrin are similar technologies. Both are used in skin care treatments. Platelet Rich Plasma is also identified as Vampire Facial treatment. PRF is very similar to that—but a more innovative approach. 

Both require extracting a blood sample from the patients, hence the term vampire. These treatments both use centrifuges to separate the blood from platelets.

PRP is a tried and tested method of beautification treatment, and it is also common in practice for microneedling treatment. PRP results from a double spin method, a hard spin, and then a soft swirl. Hard spin separates anything else from the blood, and the gentle spin separates what remains between the plasma and white blood cells. 

PRF is the new method that is more effective for skincare treatment. Its spin methods are different from PRP, resulting in extracting platelets, leukocytes, and mesenchymal stem cells. PRF is not just for skincare, but it is beneficial for plastic surgeons, dentists, and dermatologists. 

PRP releases its growth factors only for a few minutes. The constant speed of the PRP causes trauma on the cells, making it less effective. Its platelets number count is also ten times lower than the PRF’s. 

Unlike its counterpart PRP, PRF’s effects are steadily released into the skin. For 10-12 days, there is a constant release of growth factors and interleukins, which accelerate tissue regeneration and healing. 

Finally, during the processing, the PRF doesn’t need any anticoagulants, a medicine for preventing blood clots. Without any anticoagulants, nothing hinders the blood from developing fibrin from thrombin. The fibrin mixture then activates platelets, allowing a slow release of growth factors responsible for tissue healing. 

It’s organic, and there are no additives, no coating, and no anticoagulant—it’s an all-natural approach. It proves that its effects will last longer than the PFP. 

How Does Platelet Rich Fibrin Work?

The contents within the plasma contain proteins that promote blood clots and support cell growth. Platelets are found in the plasma in the blood, and your blood is everywhere around your body. Platelets are the ones responsible for recognizing and implementing repairs.

Our treatment will cause your own body’s blood contents to start up an organic repair process. The therapy can repair any part of the body, but the results are most apparent in the facial skin. You’ll have a rejuvenated and youthful look in no time at all. 

Platelet Rich Fibrin Procedure

With the hand of our expert clinicians, we will start the treatment by withdrawing a small amount of blood from you. A small vial amount of blood will do. 

Next, we will put the blood in the centrifuges at high speeds to separate the plasma from the blood. The spinning will last for 10 minutes. The spinning splits the blood into three layers: red blood cells in the bottom, fibrin clots in the center, and plasma at the top.

Finally, we will extract the PRF for use in injections in your face or other body parts. 

Before all of that, we first need to discuss what your needs are for this procedure. We need to know which places you want us to emphasize. 

When Can You Expect Results?

PRF treatments will require a series of treatments. Typically, 3-4 sessions are recommended spaced in between with 4-6 weeks to allow recovery. Long-term effects such as facial lift, lesser wrinkles, and a younger look may take 4-9 months.

But you will typically see some minor improvements after six weeks or more from the initial treatment. There will also be another round of treatment every six months per year for maintenance. 

The effectiveness of PRF will depend on each person. Our bodies all act differently from each other. 

Side Effects?

Bruising and swelling typically occur because of the injections, and they will dissipate after 10-14 days. Apart from that, there are no other known side effects. We are, after all, will be using your blood for the treatment. 

There are no add-ons for the treatment, and what we require is just your blood. 

Final Thoughts

Platelet Rich Fibrin has been repeatedly proven to encourage the body to recover, resulting in skin improvement. Anxious to remove the scourge on aging once and for all? Our doors will welcome you anytime!

Feel free to contact us about your Platelet Rich Fibrin treatment. We want to know your needs so that we can offer the best services specifically tailored for you.

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