Botox & Dysport FAQs


Botox and Dysport are both used to treat and prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and deep facial furrows. By working below the surface at the muscular level, Botox and Dysport work by relaxing the underlying muscle to decrease overactivity smoothing visible folds and wrinkles.
Both Botox and Dysport cost $13/unit. Treatment areas vary the required number of units but typically require 35-60 units.
Results are visible within 24-48 hours.
Results from neurotoxins are not permanent and results wear off in 3-4 months.
Only one single treatment is required to see visible results, however, they are not permanent and continued treatment for ideal results is recommended.
Bruising, redness, and swelling are common short-term side effects that resolve within 2 weeks.
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