5 Reasons To Try The Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Facial

Platelet Rich Fibrin

One of the latest and recent innovations in aesthetics is the PRF or Platelet Rich Fibrin. The other version of the famously known PRP or Platelet-rich plasma is also called the vampire facial. PRP works through natural treatment using your blood to enhance your skin texture for those who have an idea. It also increases the hyaluronic acid and collagen production of your system. The treatment can help you restore your hair growth and work with knee repairs, skin regrowth, and wound management with PRF. Severe burns can also get treated with PRF. Please note that our blood contains plasma, platelets, red and white blood cells, and other components. A platelet is a small cell fragment rich in many growth factors aiding wound healing. It also helps in stimulating the stem cells to generate elastin and collagen on the skin. 

From here, the procedure allows the experts to separate the components using a centrifuge that moves the tubes of blood. However, the platelet-rich plasma can get segregated from the rest of the ingredients and blood cells injected into the face. That happens for facial rejuvenation to speed up the overall healing process. What’s more, unlike the Botox and fillers injection, PRP happens with a one hundred percent natural process. Both PRF and PRP follow the same techniques and have the same goals but still are different. Platelet-rich fibrin treatment is more efficient and superior to the PRP.

It happens because of its capacity to release the growth factors through time. Now, this encourages the long-term benefits of the platelet-rich-plasma method. Also, PRP targets the layers of the skin even when performed with the microneedling process. The PRF or Vampire Facelift gets injected into the deeper layers of your skin for long-lasting results.

If you think that’s it, there are many more things that you should know about Platelet Rich Fibrin. Here’s the reason why getting it as part of your cosmetic procedure can help you in many ways. 

Removes Dark Circles and Under-eye Loose Skin

The skin beneath your eye is the thinnest skin on your body. So, it’s only usual for it to be more exposed to those wrinkles and fine lines. Platelet Rich Fibrin can help you treat those unwanted effects under your eye by filling it. The procedure hollows it and reduces the visibility of the wrinkles. So far, dermal fillers were the go-to treatment for this sensitive part of the face. On the other hand, Juvederm, Restylane, and different types of fillers will instantly fill those hollows under those eyes and rejuvenate the look of the skin. This point may lead to a puffy or bluish aspect of your skin. 

Also, infrequently fight with the dark circles. So, if you try to go for multiple fillers and a PRF, the results will be good! Constantly, you can see the presence of your dark circles going away with your face.

Enhances the Overall Skin Texture

The human skin cells can be vulnerable to a series of damaging factors like pollution, smoking, dehydration and inadequate blood flow, or unsatisfactory skincare routine. PRF can also moisturize your skin and help you improve your blood flow. With this technique, you’ll be able to fight the appearance of a refined skin tone and tired complexion. The platelet-rich fibrin treatment is an excellent company for those people who want to protect themselves against the effects of smoking and sun damage. PRF promotes the skin to have more elastin for a smoother and younger look.

Also, using this method with a combination of microneedling, PRF can be a good treatment against acne scarring. Microneedling alone is used to boost and manage skin thickness, so when combined with PRF, all scars get reduced. Several healthcare providers offer a wide range of services combining the best results. One of those that you can trust is the Yunik Aesthetics. The team works with professionals and experts to give out the best course of treatment for your needs based on your goals. Contact or visit any of your trusted providers for more details.

Removes Facial Folds and Wrinkles

PRF promises to give a better skin complexion with minimal lines and wrinkles. The blood in the PRP is all used to prepare anticoagulants fast to remove all the blood cells. PRF moves through spinning the tubes at a lower speed. It also isolates the white blood cells and platelets from the red blood cells. The process allows higher platelet concentration and keeps the fibrin matrix without anticoagulants. The fibrin matrix puts the platelets together and holds the discharge from seven up to ten days in the part where PRF gets injected. A slower launch equates to long-lasting results over the following weeks. The initial sign that PRF treatment is doing its job will be visible in 48 hours. 

Slight Risk For Side Effects

Though it may seem a bit scary, the PRF procedure is safe and has no side effects that you need to think about now. It is primarily safe when performed by skilled professionals, so there is nothing to worry about. The treatment uses platelet-rich fibrin from your blood without chemicals and anticoagulants to create a clot under the skin. Thus, unlike any synthetic fillers, the method used the patient’s natural fibrin and platelets. This factor minimizes the adverse reactions of the treatment. The only things that you might experience are mild pain, soreness, swelling, and minor bruising. All these effects can get mended with ice or topical creams. 

So, if you are considering a PRF facial procedure, it would be best to discuss things with your cosmetic physician. Even if you think that there are no effects, patients with low or abnormal platelets who take anti-clotting medication must go with different treatment.

Long-Lasting Results 

The last factor and benefit that you can get with PRF are that it allows patients to enjoy maximum results for up to one year. It is an excellent option to consider that the treatment lasts only about 45 minutes. To complete the treatment, you will only be needing two to five appointments. Once the treatment gets completed, you will enjoy an improved skin quality, more volume, and texture for many months. Thus, it would be best to remember that every individual has different results based on goals. Nonetheless, the treatment uses your blood and growth factors. That means it can ideally be effective as soon as possible.

Also, results will vary from one individual to another. You can always ask for assistance from your provider and return for your following procedure sooner or later. Good luck with your treatment! Never forget to contact your provider with your needs.

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